Ingredients & Misc. Info


CWC soaps and bath products are all free of:





-And are Vegan friendly unless clearly noted in the product description.


Our soaps are made with RSPO certified palm oil, biodegradable glitters, responsibly sourced micas, we use FDA batch certified Lakes and Dyes (colorant) in our bath bombs & solid bubble bath bars. We also use Almond oil & Coconut oil in  almost all of our soap bars. Be sure to check ingredients, especially if you have nut allergies. 


Essential Oils

On occasion we use essential oils which will be stated in the product description ingredient list. Please be aware of any contraindications essential oils may have with medications and your health.

While using our products if you experience any irritation, discontinue use and contact a doctor.  


What are the white powdery spots I see on top of my soap bar?

If you see ashy white spots on your bar of soap do not worry! That is what is called soda ash. Soda ash forms when unsaponified sodium hydroxide reacts with naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the air. It does not affect the final bar of soap and is completely safe to use.