Shower Steamers

What is a shower steamer? 

A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzes and bubbles as water hits it releasing an amazing combination of fragrances into the air. The steam and humidity from the hot shower enhances the aroma in the air. 


Why use a shower steamer? 

Showers are usually jump in and jump out, take this time to slow things down a bit. Using a shower steamer while you enjoy a shower will encourage you to destress, relax and clear your mind. 


How do I use a shower steamer? 

Simply place the shower steamer in an area of the shower where water will INDIRECTLY hit it activating the fizzing reaction, releasing the fragrance into your steamy shower.


WARNING- If placing on the shower floor please be aware you could slip on it and injure yourself. Be cautious of where you put it. Also, placing the shower steamer in direct running water will cause it to melt very quickly. 

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